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  • Creative Commons Liscences

    Posted by Amanda / on 02/14/2010 / 0 Comments


    When you post a doll to Dollist, you agree for it to be displayed on this website, but it is a good idea to issue a license by which others know what you allow to be done with your work. One common license is the Creative Commons license.

    The basic questions for a Creative Commons License are the following.

    Is attribution required?

    Do people who use your work have to attribute you as the original artist? If they do, be sure to let them know how you'd like the attribution. What name should they attribute it under? Do you have a ..

  • What is a Dollist?

    Posted by Amanda / on 02/14/2010 / 0 Comments

    The name of this community is Dollist. The word was created by merging the words doll and artist. More specifically, on this site, a Dollist is a paper doll artist or one who appreciates paper dolls.

    Why Dollist? Paperdollist was kind of long.

    I created this site when searching for a good way to share my dolls and looking for original dolls. I use DeviantART, but a search for paper doll on DeviantART results in tons of hits, hardly any of which are actual paper dolls. It is time that we Dollists had our own community.

    Happy Dolling!

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